The Lone Dodge...



Wow, when I was going through the Busch results today I noticed that there was only a single dodge, driven by Hank Parker Junior. What an advantage it could be to him for a track that favors a Dodge, he would be the only one that would benifit from it. Surprised that there arent more Dodges in the Busch series.
Casey Mears drives a Dodge too, he just wrecks it so much you can't tell its a Dodge..:)
Why your right Casey Mears does Drive a bad. LOL he does wreck it alot :D
And Brian Vickers runs a limited program in a Dodge. Although Dodge does not back these teams like they do in Cup, the reason for racing a Dodge could be in trying to gain an advantage on the field if the Dodge runs better, and plus having one of only two or three Dodges in the field can attract more attention to your team and maybe more sponsors.
When I first saw the Dodge with it's it's low and wide inlet holes on the front end I thought it was going to be a killer car because of being able to areo tune the front downforce but noticed right away that the holes got covered over. Parity strikes again?

Just recently nascar enacted a rule limiting the bore of an engine. The Dodge was built to be bored farther than Ford or GM allowing for shorter stroke....more rpm's at a quicker rate.....Parity strikes again?

So ya grab yerself a nascar rule book and build a car. Then they change the rules. sigh.............
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