The next Cup driver to retire is...

Who do you think will be the next Cup driver to retire?

  • Jamie McMurray

    Votes: 19 70.4%
  • Kevin Harvick

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ryan Newman

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • Kurt Busch

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • Jimmie Johnson

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Other (name the driver)

    Votes: 2 7.4%

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Since Cup drivers are retiring with regularity, I thought it would be fun to guess who the next one will be. Of those that have been around for a number of years, who do you think will be the next to retire?
I honestly think Newman will be done soon and retire(that way Ty can also move into an RCR car) probably next season could be his last honestly.
I honestly think Newman will be done soon and retire(that way Ty can also move into an RCR car) probably next season could be his last honestly.
I think Jamie will be gone first. I thought Newman signed a sponsor extension with Cat?
If Jamie gets replaced by CGR, I think he’ll hang it up. Just like with Kahne, nothing to gain from riding around in the back for a few more years.

Newman has expressed his desire to race a few more years. He’s honestly still the best driver RCR has. But with Ty continuing to struggle at Germain, I could see a move to bring him in house.

Kevin, Kurt and Jimmie will still be around at least a couple more years IMO.
Harvick seems to be at the peak of his career and I think he still has some good seasons to come.
I also don't really see Busch retire in the next years.

Newman could be done after a few more seasons and I think Johnson will retire when his contract is up in 2020.
But I expect this year to be McMurrays last (full) season.
McMurray I think will be forced to.

I envy the dude honestly. To hit a few home runs early and in the middle of his run and then ride a big enough wave for another 7 or 8 seasons, basically just being an “also ran” is something a lot of drivers probably dream of...
Probably not.

Just looking at the fact that he has always has good or great sponsorship for being “so, so”... most drivers would have to consistently produce to keep such backing on the cars
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Just random guessing here, the order I can see the poll drivers retiring over period of time

Busch, Kurt
I'm guessing Matt Kenseth.
Truex, have a gut feeling. Also be shocked if Johnson comes back.
Truex, have a gut feeling.
Taken monthly, this should take care of that. :p


MTJr isn't going anywhere in a year that starts with '201'
Jamie McMurray. The guy has not done anything to justify his position on the circuit for a few years now. There are rumors swirling around that he may finally get the boot at the end of the season. I can not see him coasting around for much longer.
I don't know why this seems to be an unpopular opinion here and on Reddit, but I think Jimmie races into his 50s. His wife doesn't seem to be pushing him to retire any time soon, and why not try to get 8, maybe even 9 championships, 100+ wins, cement your legacy as the GOAT? Hendrick will let him race as long as he wants.

I think Harvick hangs it up after 2021. That's when his contract seems to expire, Keelan will be 9 and Harvick will have gone a full two decades.

Kurt might also make it to 50 if he keeps a solid ride.

Jamie Mac really needs this Kurt-to-KBM rumor to be true, or I think he's done after this year. Newman is probably done after 2019 due to a lack of a decent ride.
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