The official RFFL 2019 thread (the former yahoo fantasy league)

After New Hampshire, @Johali has now passed me in the Full Season standings.

I feel like I'm racing in the Tour De France. I was leading, now I've run out of energy, lost ground to the leaders and now the peloton has caught me. A couple more weeks like I have been having and I'll be in 20th.
Congratulations to this weeks winner : @REBS31. I think this is his first RFFL career win.
Complete results, indepth analysis to be posted Monday morning.

Thanks to all participants and for supporting the league.
It has been a rebuilding process after Yahoo dropped the league.
I believe this year has been a good one so far and it is helping to rebuild the prestige. Everyone here has helped with making it possible.
Damn, I got an "honorable mention" from @Greg on RFFL. And I'm solid in the top ten. Life is good. :D
The current points standings will be posted by 7am Tuesday EST

I will post the overall standings as soon I have them and the time to post them.
This is a quick paste of the Las Vegas results.
Posted quickly to avoid getting a beating from Misses Greg for posting while on vacation.
Congratulation to race winnnr @Johali.
More results will be posted when l can sneak them in....
Damn tootin. Maybe this'll bring me up a spot or two. :D
Winning this thing is pretty much out of the question. I would need to beat BuschBrothers by 36.9 points or better for the last nine races of the game. But I can still get my usual top 5. :D

Definitely not out of the question imo. My math ain't great, but you picked up around 170 on him over the last 2 races. If he has another race like he did at Indy, you could be right there with him.
The current tie breaker rankings are posted below. Current is the keyword, the season ending tie breaker rankings is the only one that matters. This posting is for spelling it out in advance, and hopefully they will not be needed, they have not been needed thus far in the history of the RFFL or the old YFL.

Season points tie breakers listed in order.
1st Tie breaker = Most wins
2nd = Most top 5s
3rd = Most top 10s
4th = Points total for last race at Homestead, then next race if needed until resolved.

If there are any post race disqualifications the adjusted points totals will be re-posted to match the final adjusted DGG website results.

Protest fees are $100 each.
Protest fees after December 1st are $10,000 each.
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