The Rise of V8 Supercars


Skeptical of the Spectacle
Feb 24, 2013
Does anyone else agree that this is probably the fastest growing Motorsport in the world?

I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of the series until probably 2008 or so. It is, in my opinion, the best Touring Car racing in the world. I've also noticed a lot more attention here in the US not long after I started loosely following it.

Then last year happened at COTA, which didn't have that great a turnout and now it looks like it was just a one-off.. But the fact that they decided to come over here really says something..

Also, Aussie circuits are very nice.
Yeah I think its awesome! I went to that COTA event and was not surprised at all when I heard it wasn't coming back. The turnout wasn't great, and it seemed like at least half or more of the fans came over on a trip from Australia. Most of them probably wouldn't have bothered to show up the second time, so the turnout of fans for their second COTA race probably would have been a lot worse...

Really hope to make it to some of their races in Australia and NZ someday.
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