The Truce???


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Jun 11, 2002
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So what happened? Most of us agreed so what is the problem??

This might be from me being at the beach and away from my computer for 10 days but what are you talking about if it is any of my business?
There was a Truce called about name calling, personal attacks, etc by Paul.

Now people are violating it again, have been banned for violations, etc.
Gonna move this into the off topic board...

And let's not be so serious..."banned for violations". This isn't some court of law, it's a message board. If we just act like normal human beings things will be fine.
It never ceases to amaze me how some people just can't seem to grasp the idea of respecting others opinions. This is a public board, you will agree with some and disagree with others. There is no need for the disrespect which is shown by some. ABIDE!!!!!!
Right on.

But if people are disrespecting you, or you see people fighting, send a private message to one of us. Making threads about people fighting doesn't make very much sense. :)
Did I miss something though?

What brought all this up? Can I see an example?
Originally posted by paul

What brought all this up?  
i would assume that the banning of flyboy, and the stern warning to awesome_bill reminded everyone of bannmanship...:)
My stern waring cost me 500 posts...but 500x better than being banned.
Originally posted by Awesome_Bill
My stern waring cost me 500 posts...but 500x better than being banned.

Hi sweet bill, I hope my pm helped, and you are right.......mch better than being banned. Actually, I never saw you do anything offensive here, just trying to get all your posts in too short a time.
Don't you have a pc at home? cuz you mentioned about rushing thru library time.

yeah as i said before im in chicago right now...and at a library PC...I post at home also.
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