The Way I See All the drivers going in 2003



#1 Car:Ricky Rudd

#28 WWE Ford:Elliott Sadler

#23 Stacker2 Dodge:Kenny Wallace

#33Ken Schrader (Jerry Jones car)

#55 Casey Atwood(I'm hoping so he can get out of that junk of a 7 car)(and this will be another jerry jones car)

#44:Jerry Nadeau

#43:Bobby Hamilton

#21:Steve Park

I Was kinda joking about the wwe on the 28 car but i did hear a rumor they would sponcer sadler a few weeks ago anyway what yall think about my predictions
#1 - Steve Park will stay but for just one year. Sam Horninsh will take over in 2004
#21 - Jason Keller
#28 - Scott Riggs (Sadler will go to a third RYR car with M&Ms)
#44 - Bobby Hamilton

#42 - Ricky Rudd in a third Ganassi car (2004 - Kenny Brack will take over)
Ganassi won't get a 42 the Petty's have that one.

I don't think that Rudd will go to the dark side and sign with DEI or RCR for that matter. Maybe Jerry Jones.

I think Rudd should replace Jaws. Rudd needs to go with his heart and be with his family. He would only be tied up half a season if he replaced Jaws. Still be in the racing world but I guess he could have his cake and eat it too.
No actually NASCAR has the 42 right now SABCO used that number with Joe and Kenny Irwin and when Kenny was killed they switched the number to 01 and unless chip is still paying for that number it went back to NASCAR after it was not used for a year.
I can't wait until Scott Riggs climbs into a good cup ride. That hard chargin' SOB has my attention.

And call me sentimental, but seeing the 28 car without the Havoline sponser is gonna take some time to get used to.
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