The Way I Would do the Points System for Nascar




+5 Points for winning the pole

+5 Points for leading a lap

+20 points for leading the most laps

No Points From 26th-43rd
This makes no sense why have the sporatic jumps from 1 pt difference to 5 pts difference and then why does 10 pts from 15th to 16th. or 20 pts from 10th to 11th. I do think it should be more weight to the top but the difference in positions should be uniform until no points are given.
If a driver makes the race he should be awarded points, otherwise you would be penalizing drivers for bad luck, if a driver loses a motor or gets taken out why should he not receive any points? Even with your points system, consistency is still the key.
I like the points system the way it is. besides that, it is gonna get real interesting with points being taken away for rules infractions.
I think the winner should get 10 more points than 2nd place.

2nd thru 25th should be a 5 point difference.

26th thru 43rd should be a 3 point difference.

10 points for the pole.

5 points for leading the MOST laps.

AND, 5 points for leading at least 3 laps, not just 1.
That point system is a little drastic, I don't mind the point system the way it is now. Altough I would like to see them add bonus points for poles, something like 5 or maybe 10 points.
OK Rusty, just ask stridesberry or hardscrabble.

Both have a points system that WORKS a lot better than that.
Originally posted by LooneyToonRacer
That point system is a little drastic, I don't mind the point system the way it is now. Altough I would like to see them add bonus points for poles, something like 5 or maybe 10 points.

I agree on giving the pole winner 5 bonus points as poles r harder to come by than wins,it seems.I wud also award 5 more points to the winner so that the 2nd place finisher(by leading the most laps)cudn't have as many points as the winner,doesn't seem right to Me,that circumstance happened 6 times last year & already has happened at CA.track this year!Otherwise I think the present point system is fine!JMO!
About the only thing I agree with is the 5 pts for the pole. There is way too big of a jump from 1st to 25th. It would mean that teams that may not be front runners, but finish in the top 15 nearly every race would be at a disadvantage. I like the points the way nascar has em.
Hold on I try again and i think you people are right now reading all yall comments about it
I may sound like a broken record, but that system puts way too much emphasis on winning, just like in CART and F1. You need to find a good balance between rewarding good finishes and consistency. Apart from my point system (which I posted in a thread a while back...dig around for it), the closest that any of the current point systems come are NASCAR and the IRL. NASCAR puts a little too much emphasis on consistency, and the IRL puts a little too much emphasis on winning, but in each case, it's a tolerable emphasis. My point system was designed to strike a balance between them. Again, my system should be back some pages.
Do away with the so called championship. Take all the yrs winners and winners only, have a one tank of gas race, NO RESTRICTOR PLATES, at Daytona. Winner would be champion, the rest sit at the front table.
At least the champion would have to win two races, now he don't have to win any.
i think the current points system works more than fine, you should award the teams who run good at all tracks, not the lucky ones or the ones who can only run RC's and plate tracks
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