The YouTube Exploration Chronicles


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Mar 5, 2023
Racing is global and being global there's all sorts of events being put online to watch. A few weeks ago I got tipped on FB about the existence of High Speed TV, a channel out of Brazil that live streams various series' races:

Among the highlights here are NASCAR Brazil, Brazilian F4, endurance racing, small time stock car/saloon car racing, and much much more.

I already spend too much time watching various screens.
Well then you're gonna hate more links. LOL

My addition to the thread is GForceTV, who provide webcasts of a lot of Ontario-based racing action. I stumbled across them looking to see what Sauble Speedway looked like having never been to that part of southern Ontario before, and there's full nights of action from a whole host of tracks in that province.

Bumping this as the Macau Grand Prix races are on YouTube streaming live, should you want an alternative to F1 or Lernerville this weekend.
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