This could be a good weekend for Dave Blaney!



The 77 finished second at Chicago last year and Dave finished in the top 10. Maybe Blaney can finally make it to victory lane.

was saying just last night that I might root for Blaney this weekend. Dave has always been a good guy and if you ever lget a chance to hear him , he is all racer.

The Jasper team and Dave have been running well lately so heres hoping they make good in Chicago!:)
Hatter, that whole team has really come along. I wish Dave and the team some good luck this weekend.

I so enjoyed watching him in the Outlaws, I want him to do well.
I would like to see Dave win him a Cup race sometime. You always gotta pull for the first timers. The victory lane celebration are usually the best when it's a first timer.:)
I still remember my 1st time. She said I was too fast tho. Oh, wait we're talking racing. Sorry. My bad. :eek: :p
Go Dave Go..................watched him in WoW's It'd be good to see him in V-lane...........won't say anything funny...........don't wanna color Skinner pics...........
Hey alright, no Blaney bashing! I usually get pummeled when I say good things about Dave.


Blaney better do good this weekend...I picked him in my fantasy league. :D
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