Thompson Speedway Fall Final



Just wondering if anyone here is going to the Fall Final World Series of Racing at Thompson Speedway in Conn. Oct.19 and 20th? This is a great event , lasts two days, and produces some awesome racing. I plan on going as long as the weather cooperates. I haven't gone to any races this year, for that matter it has been about 3 years actually since I've gone to any local tracks. Divorce will do that to you sometimes, anyway need to see some awesome racing. This track for those that don't know much about it, is a 5/8 high bank oval, awesome racing and high speeds, the supers really fly here!
I would love to but money and transportation is killer. I live almost an hour away from the track and can't drive at the moment. Dad works weekends so it looks like I'll just watch the Whelen tour race on tv.

Have fun though. I've never seen a race there. Been to a couple swap meets.
Thompson is banked at 26 degrees, the most of any NE track AFAIK and the track record is 120. MPH.
This video is from this spring and oughta plump up yer Fenway Frank.
Mods get up close to 140 going down the straights, and the supers fly on this track. My favorite NE track by far. I like Stafford and even Waterford but something about Thompson. Racing is always good here and usually that upper groove comes in mid race and lots of action.
Well I'm still going to this race, as it will be one of the last around NE, I haven't gone to a race in 4 years, and I'm really missing it. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
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