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I love short track racing (Taylor's Version)
Feb 16, 2009
A short track somewhere
Now, THIS is drama.

This is from the Tour de Madness (a lot of Bowman Gray racers ran in this):

Reader's digest version. Burt Myers had Zach Brewer in his backup car for the race. Burt won the first race, but lost the second race (Jon Boy Brown won the first race). Well, Brewer passed Myers and finished second in the race and, as a result, Burt lost the championship. So, after the race, Burt protested Myers' car (Myers was in Burt's backup car) and said it was illegal. So, he essentially protested his own car. Well, the team refused the tech and was DQ'd so Burt could win the championship. Then, they decide to tear down both cars (as well as Jon Boy Brown's car). They find Burt's car is questionable and send it off to a third party source. Yesterday, Burt was DQ'd from both races, losing the championship.

And now, there's this:

Ace Speedway
Please stay tuned for a very difficult announcement regarding results from Sunday's Tour de Madness....
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