To all those lost at M'ville 1 year ago




How about Richie?
Doesn't seem like twenty years, does it?

Nine time champion, how many wins? and a whole generation of fans have never had the chance to see him work his magic with a modified on a race track.

Truely one of the great ones!


I saw him many times boB, i can't believe it has been 20 years! That #61 was magic in the modified division back in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s. On another sad note a friend of my dads back in the day passed last week also, he owned the M-6 back in the late 60s, Gene Bergin drove for him. His name was Bebe Zalinski, his real first name was Anthony i believe, not too sure on that though. I used to hang around his garage when i was 9 or 10, while he shot the crap with my dad. His was the only garage around that had a dyno for the cars, man was it loud when they would fire up. Loved it though...great memories.
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