Todd Bodine wrecked Junior. You call that racin'?



Yeah, you have a driver who is faster than you on the bottom, so you decide to give him no room at all, and make him wreck? Some race car driver Todd is.
Bud Stud...Thats racing. And also Jr wrecked himself by Jerking the whell left when he was rubbing Todd Bodine. It was not Bodines fault...bald as he might be lol.
jr. bumped him first it looked like..........i don't think it was intentional bud stud............. NHIS is a very tight track.........nobody wants to go high and get caught up in the loose stuff............i hate to see JR wreck............he had a good car
Dude, what do you expect? You have no choice at all but to jerk the wheel and try to turn when you have NO room what-so-ever on the bottom. If you tried to pass me, and I shoved your ass off of the track, you'd be mad too.
I don't want to get blasted (I'm not a huge Todd Bodine fan) but it really looked liked Junior's fault this time. I don't even know if Bodine hit him......

Guess we'll see the replay on FSN this week and see...
Man, JR was trying to shove Todd off the track! Why do you think that Jr got into him in the first place. You cant blame Todd for not wanting to give him ALL the room that Dale wanted. If Todd had spun and Jr went by you would be saying Nothing. Just this time the guy JR. tried to get around didnt budge while JR. did.
I know man, I saw that Junior got into the back of him... thats the way it goes.... either lead, follow, or get the hell outta the way. Jr was going to pass him, got along side of him, and then bodine gave no room at all.
I thought the incident was funny as hell.

Jr. was getting a little restless and gave Todd Bodine a little bump to get him to move up the track. Todd didn't have to give him any room, and he ended up showing Jr. that he wasn't going to take that crap. I like Jr., but he got what he deserved today.

Jr's a good racer, but he's not his father.
Yeah man, Junior is not his father... and nor he wants to be. He is his own driver, his own man, and I wish everyone of you would quit comparing him to Dale Sr... Yeah, he is his father.. but 2 different people.. and 2 different race car drivers.
I was pretty annoyed with Todd Bodine when it first happened, but -- thinking upon it -- I think Junior got ticked at Todd for blocking and went in too aggressively. If anything, they were equally to blame for the wreck.

What I do NOT understand is how, after leading so many laps and mostly running in the top ten all day, he gets booted down to 16th in points, falling below Michael Waltrip yet again. :screama: I understand that Michael finished three spots ahead of him in the end, but did he even lead five laps all day? Did he lead one lap? I don't remember. How is it that 16 or so laps, where Junior would plummet from 8th to 23rd, wind up being more important than everything else he accomplished in the race? And do I have to read a rule book to get this answer?

Hmphhh...Well, at least he ran well most of the day. Those damn bad endings.
If mikey finished 20th that is worth 103 points. 23rd is worth 94. bonus points are 5 for leading a lap and 5 for leading the most laps. the most bonus points you can win in one race is 10. so if JR. led the most and mikey didn't lead at all they would have finished within 1 point of each other.
I havn't seen the tape yet but I'm bettin that snot rag got in his eyes.
I would like to turn Junior over my knee and give him the backside of my hairbrush. He jammed that car down in there, forcing the issue, and took himself out of a top ten.

racer8, unfortunately, Kenseth lead the most laps. So Junior only got 5 bonus points.
LOL.Good post.Jr.tried one of SR's old bump and run tactics and it backfired....he finished 23rd or something,though.About typical for him!Maybe Todd just wanted to do a little'cage-rattling!'Hilarious.
In the past I've been rough on Todd, and felt he earned it. Today he did his job and held his line. Jr, IMHO, misread the deal and tried a bump and run when the trick seemed to be to get a good run and push the nose under.

Could have been worse for him, but a little more finesse would have paid better dividends in this case. Gotta figure all the ways to skin a cat and choose wisely.
Bud stud,

I'm not saying that Jr. can be compared to his father. They were two completely different racers, two completely different racers.

But sometimes he starts thinking he can race like his dad and ends up wrecking like he did today.
I like Junior quite a bit, but he caused that whole deal. He tried to bump Todd out of the way and he got exactly what he deserved. It seems that when Jr tries to drive responsibly people want him to be like his dad. When he tries to drive like his dad, he realizes he is not that kind of driver. He is good, but he is still learning.

He's still early in his career and I'll bet he'll be around for awhile. He'll learn in due time. He's got to figure out how he wants to race, not how others want him to race.
Originally posted by racer8
They just ran out of real estate. It appeared to be a one grove track again.
when was New Hampshire EVER not a one groove track?, what they've done is a joke, i really like the Bahres, but they need to tear that damn thing down and put a short track in its place
I planned on coming in here and making a case about that wreck, but you all have said it for me. Junior screwed himself. Todd don't owe him jack.
Jr spun after hitting Bodine, so yeah I'd call that racing.
I saw it the same way as most of you. I like Jr., but he was too impatient in my eyes. No one was gonna move up a lane for anyone, blame the track for that, but not Bodine.

I laugh when I read people posting on what Jr. thinks. Ask him if he thinks he is his father! Go ahead, ask him. I THINK he would laugh in your face and douse you with a warm Bud!

Jr. is Jr. and he is doing just fine considering the path his life has taken in the last 5 years.:D
I agree with you GF.Jr.-without the hype Nascar gives him-still has a pretty good record.I don't care too much for him myself,but he has still done a pretty good job,all things considered.
I'd have to agree with most of the people posting on this thread. Jr wrecked himself on that one. He should know better than to think that a Bodine would give him room. Bodines never give anybody room.
I don't think it was only one drivers fault. However the race I watch when someone got underneath, the top driver always gave way. This happened all day long.

Things like that happen. Thats why you don't win until the checkers.

Congrats to RCR. Fine weekend boys.
Good point, Dino. All three RCR cars finished in the top ten. I guess the much-hyped Kevin Harvick *comeback* isn't as absurd as everyone's been suggesting...He's obviously got his confidence back.

I'm happy for RCR.
I don't care much for Bodine, but I don't fault him for the incident on Sunday I was impressed to see him up there towards the end of the race. Junior even said it was just racin, nuff said
Excuse me but I have to call them the way I see them. Is Lil'E a freaking idiot or what? Todd is not much better than Shawna as to putting people into the wall (or whatever). Shawna does it because she can't do any better. Todd does it because he can. How many times have you seen Todd in his #92 Excedrine Busch car punt some poor driver. Unfortunately he's usually not smart enough to get out of the way so he takes himself out as well. Do you really think he's going to do any different in WC? It's been how long since he's won? Or even had a decent finish? He's where in the points? Lil'E needs to wise up and recognize who is trying to get around. Yes he needed to be in a hurry because the laps were winding down but at what expense?

Oh, and Lil'E, Michael says thanks for the "gift". Especially since he hit the wall 2 freaking times and was due to let you take the lead between the two of you in points. bwaaahaahaahaa :D

15 -- Michael Waltrip 2123 -481
16 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2119 -485
I am not saying it is todd's fault, ya'll know how i feel about him. but, he is always around isnt he, when somethin goes wacky:rolleyes:
Just gotta step in here. Going in to a one groove turn is basically a game of chicken. I can't fault either of them for not letting off. I do kinda wonder why Jr thought Todd would back off and let him thru. Todd does not back off. Jr has tried to get by Todd before. As I recall Jr called Todd a Cue Ball Headed Fool after that one.

Maybe he is, and maybe he isn't but still you'ld think Jr woulda learned from the last time.
Passing 101

Towards the end of the race, there are two drivers you don't want to find yourself around. Jimmy Spencer and Todd Bodine. If you try punting them out of the way, you better do it right or you'll be the one that they send around. Jr, are you paying attention?
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