Top 5 @ Pocono



A few thoughts as we get ready for Pocono--- I expect to see a familar face back up front this weekend---either J. Mayfield or R. Wallace will be tough deal with.

My picks
1. R. Wallace
2. J. Mayfield
3. M. Martin
4. J. Gordon
5. D. Jarrett
1. R. Rudd
2. R. Newman
3. S. Marlin
4. D. Jarrett
5. J. Johnson
As I pat myself on the back for my stellar pick of last week (Jeff Green)...

1. Bill Elliott
2. Rusty Wallace
3. Kurt Busch
4. Sterling Marlin
5. Jimmie Johnson

Pole: Ryan Newman

Dark horse in the top 10: Jimmy Spencer

Ricky Rudd rumor of the week: Ricky's ticked at Ward's crew for celebrating without him, and announces that he will not drive the number 22 next year. :p
3.Mayfield (goin out on a limb here)

dark horse-----petty
1.Bill Elliott
2.Ricky Rudd
3.Dale Jarrett
4.Ryan Newman
5.Bobby Labonte
Rusty Wallace
Ricky Rudd
Ryan Newman
Tony Stewart
Jeff Gordon

dark horse Kyle Petty
43 will be Sterling Marlin
1. Jimmie Johnson - Third last time at Pocono, getting better as the year goes on!
2. Matt Kenseth - Overdue for a top five finish
3. Dale Jarrett - Consistent
4. Earnhardt Jr. - Also overdue for a top five, makes the right call down the stretch
5. Mark Martin
1. Ryan Newman
2. Ricky Rudd
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr
4. Jimmie Johnson
5. Elliott Sadler

Pole Sitter: Dale Jarrett

Dark Horse in the top 10: Dave Blaney
1. Rusty Wallace
2. Ricky Rudd
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (yeah, I wish!)
4. Ryan Newman
5. Jimmy Spencer (why not?)
1. Ryan Newman
2. Ricky Rudd
3. Bobby Labonte
4. Bill Elliott
5. Dale Jarrett
1. Bill Elliott (his motor BETTER hold up this week)
2. Jeff Gordon
3. Dale Jarrett
4. Ricky Rudd
5. Mark Martin.
p) Ryan Newman

1) Jeff Gordon
2) Bobby Labonte
3) Dale Jarrett
4) Rusty Wallace
5) Tony Strewart
1. Dale Jarret
2. Ryan Newman
3. Sterling Marlin
4. Jimmie Johnson
5. Johnny Benson

I will go with a couple of yours dark horses and say Kyle Petty thats a good one to pick. Blaney could be a guy to watch as well!!
1. Ricky Rudd
2. Tony Stewart
3. Dale Jarrett
4. Kurt Busch
5. Jeff Gordon

Dark horse- Jimmy Spencer

Pole- Rusty Wallace
Doesn't anyone else think that Matt Kenseth is due for a win???
ummm, is Matt due for a win? Ummmmmmm....noooooo! Penske is due for win, rather it be Rusty, but would settle for Ryan. Terry Labonte or Kyle Petty would be nice to see in victory lane also. Definitly not Kenseth or any other ROusch driver for that matter :)
What do you need more responses for? If there is a reason that "other site" should have em. That site would be ThatsRacin
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