Track Position, repeat 500 times



Reckon Jr really needed the tires, but ya can't give up postion for tires this year, almost never pays.

Congrats to Kevin, got himself in a bad spot once there, but pulled it out. Fuel mileage and track position, good calls in the pits, they cut it mighty close. Would not have made it on fuel if not for that last caution.

Stewart and Newman probably had the best cars and got good finishes, despite not having the fuel mileage to pass up that last stop.

Gotta hit the NBC guy a little for trying to make the number of leaders and lead changes sound significant, it wasn't.

Benny gave the first Golden Benny of the year to Kenseth's crew chief, but really that 's gotta go the DeWalt race day pit crew. Those guys are head and shoulders the best crew on pit road right now.
Those guys were insane.

Great race today...saw the whole team perform to get it done.

I know some where hoping for 14-16 cautions for the excitement, but man...good pit calls and strategy make a race for me.

That was a big, welcome breath of fresh air after Daytona.
Kenseth's pit crew has been awesome all season long!:D
Matts crew is unbelievable! Kinda like they only have one lug nut on each wheel! Think he would have won if he had 8 cylinders.
It was a good race.

What would you guys have thought if for the last 20 laps or so after that last caution, NBC only shoed the two lead cars immediatley after the restart. After about two laps it was pretty obvious that Jeff was not gonna run Kevin down.

Now the next 10 or 11 spots back had some good racing, we got to see a couple of passes, but I could have gone for watching the chase, setup and pass for those spots. That's where the action was and where the cameras should have stayed. IMO
Originally posted by Gordon Fan
Matts crew is unbelievable! Kinda like they only have one lug nut on each wheel! Think he would have won if he had 8 cylinders.

He had eight cylinders.........a cracked exhaust or something. It did put him down on horsepower though. Yeah, Matt might have won that if not for that small problem.:)
Good point HS..........very good point!! Maybe they should go look at some of ESPN's old tapes again!!!:)
Agree with you again on the coverage angle,:bleh: keep the cameras were the action is, not the leader droning away. My vote for pit crew today has to go to Zippy, every stop they made was under 14 seconds. Mighty impressive if ya' ask me! When Jr. came to the pits the last time I said to myself, a great big NOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew he was out of it from there on.
Terry took tires also, and he had the fuel to go the distance.........should of gambled like they did at Sears Point
seems like the goal is to get a top 5 or 10 car setup and then the rest is strategy. So many times the fastest car doesn't win. There is always should of's after the race of what we thought they should do. Gambling is a tough thing to do, gotta weigh every possible factor in good and bad, I am suprised all the crew chiefs don't all have grey hair.
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