TRL and a bridge

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    TRL is driving on a nice Fall day and she sees a guy ready to jump off a bridge. She stops her car and trys to talk him down
    "Don't jump think of your wife and kids."
    "I'm not married and I have no kids."

    "Well think of your parents,"
    "My parents are dead."

    "Well you're a Texan, Remember the Alamo"
    "What's the Alamo?"

    "Jump you ignorant SOB, you're blocking traffic."

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    TRL is very well aware of the general rule that, when you meet a fellow for the first time, you don't wanna ask where he is from...

    If he's from Texas, he'll let you know soon enough.

    And if he's *not* from Texas, well, you don't want to embarrass him...:oops:

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