Truck RACE thread --- Mid Ohio

She drove a smart, clean race, was patient and put a very fast truck in the top-10.

I’m not going all in on the hype or pretending all her failures to date were just bad luck, but this was a good run and saved her career. Question is, can she go out and record more top-10s. If so, she’s for real. If not, this is just a fluke.
You think you are her manager or what lol.
Forgot to record the race , but heck yeah!, PK getting it done , sounds like I missed a good race
Yeah, they both ran an exceptional race. Besides running nose to tail for most of the race, they ran side by side for almost a full lap flat out and never touched each other. There aren't many drivers in any series that could do that on a road course.
Just got around to watch the end of the race on the DVR.
Way to go DGR and Deegan! Finally a top 10 !
Shot in the arm the team needed. Go get some more.
So… the RF narrative is blown. LaJoie came to victory lane laughing to congratulate Chase and exchanged pleasantries. Where do we go from here? At least Blaney was bitter at Cindric after the 500.
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