Underdog machine takes Tommy Hayden to a Win



Underdog machine takes Tommy Hayden to Genuine Suzuki Accessories Superstock win

Tommy Hayden, riding the No. 22 Kawasaki, nipped Lee Acree at the checkered flag by .009-second to capture his first victory at Daytona, and the first win in the history of the class that a non-750cc machine. Hayden's win was aboard Kawasaki's new 636cc ZX-6RR, prepped especially for Superstock competition.

Hayden threw out the theory of being a sitting duck when leading out of the chicane as he was able to hold off Acree at the finish line in what was a thrilling Superstock race.

"I knew it would be close," Hayden said. Acree knew it too: "I thought I got him, but that's not what the screen said when I got back around." Rounding out the podium was Eric Wood aboard a Suzuki.


Kawasaki can make a fast bike thats for sure, I hope those 636's destroy the 750 zuks, time to break that class up a little.
I should have watched that race. I went out to do some errands after the 200 was over! Darn! Sounds like it was a great race with another Hayden coming along well! World Superbike and Moto GP just don't cut it compared to AMA racing if you ask me!
yeah, I just cought the last few laps and what a few laps they were. Will have to pay closer attention to the superstock class this year.

As for racing, AMA is second to none, They keep the bikes pretty even and the line up of factory riders has some big names.

Flyboy, I would have firgured you would love motoGP being a care Honda fan, the big V-5 in those bikes are pretty impressive. I suggest if you arn't inot motoGP, that you start this year, its going to be a wild and crazy mixed up year. New Riders and teams going to make this interesting :)
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