Unsportmanslike Conduct

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by HardScrabble, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. HardScrabble

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    Busch was held one lap for a pit road exit paddle violation, then was held four additional laps for "unsportsmanlike conduct" on his in-car radio.

    Big Brother is listening!!
  2. Walrus_3

    Walrus_3 Guest

    Do you know what he did with his radio to get a four lap penalty?
  3. Walrus_3

    Walrus_3 Guest

    Yeah Luvno20,
    And even me..............Hehehe!!!
  4. HardScrabble

    HardScrabble Guest

    NOt one word from Kurt ot be found anywhere yet. From NASCAR officials>

    Incensed at getting the one-lap penalty, Busch ripped off a tirade of words over his radio directed toward NASCAR officials. NASCAR didn't take kindly to the words and issued a three-lap penalty for "unsportsmanlike conduct on the radio."

    "It was very unsportsmanlike in his communications directed toward the NASCAR officials," NASCAR spokesman Jim Hunter said. "We've always said it was better to impose a penalty on the track during the event and recently we said there were other ways other than money.

    "I think you saw a great example of that tonight. He had a pretty good race car."
  5. Walrus_3

    Walrus_3 Guest

    Bet he said some vewyvewy baaaadddddd woids.......Maybe he said something about Helton's Mommy?????
  6. HardScrabble

    HardScrabble Guest

    &%(#$^%@%^ NSCAR!!! &%()(Y^$#&&^%$ paddle!!! Who the ^%$%^&&*%%$(_)( are they doing!!! &^^&$%*&*&)(*_ can kiss my butt!!! &^&%^$&*&)(*(*(^$$##)(*(#&)() and Helton too!!!
  7. Walrus_3

    Walrus_3 Guest

    LOL.......just the way you described it.......LOL
  8. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Luv, I bet we never find out, but I bet he cussed them out.
    I bet the heathen acts more mature than that:D

  9. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    And damn immature and unprofessional. and to think, i kind of like kurt. oh well
  10. kat2220

    kat2220 Super Moderator Staff Member

    agreed, luv:D and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. 6_17_97_99

    6_17_97_99 Guest

    man this makes my blood boil, its bad enough when NA$CAR can take money away from the drivers for showing any emotion and giving a damn whether they finish 1st or 41st and they can control what drivers say and censor them whenever they feel it nessesary, when a driver can't tell his crew how crooked and full of $h!t the officials are without being penalized it's a damn sad day, it was on his own motherf***ing radio!!, its bad enough that NA$CAR finds mystery debris everytime it would be convienent to DEI or make a good plot for their WWF excuse for stock car racing and that they can control drivers and teams however they see fit, but now drivers can't even complain about NA$CAR'S bull$h!t on their own radio!!, thats all i have to say, that penalty and NA$CAR in general is a complete and utter joke these days and its all about what makes a good story for the fans who love the drivers image and how they can throw yellows whenever it will benefit their star drivers and their perfect race script while they keep raising ticket prices for their sad idea of what a stock car race is and should be so all the fans can just bend over a little further while NA$CAR, to borrow a quote from George Carlin, "services the account!!!" and sell their murchandise and screw us all by selling out to inferior T.V. coverage who likes baseball more than a NA$CAR race and who is just here to make a buck without giving a damn about the product they put out...welcome to NA$CAR after its been stripped of its integrity and its soul.
  12. abooja

    abooja Guest

    That sounds about right to me. :( :mad: :mad: :mad:
  13. TN-Ward-Fan

    TN-Ward-Fan Guest

    I cheered lustily when they parked Harvick, so I won't be a hypocrite here despite the fact that I kinda like ol' Kurt. What cheeses me is that FOX, that shining beacon of broadcast excellence ( :bleh: ) reported AFTER they got done crankin' it up :rolleyes: that the penalty was 2 laps for passing cars under yellow before they reached the entrance of pit road. FOX and Jaws in particular are such monumental examples of :bs: . I will not miss them. As to Kurt, he'll learn.
  14. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    what are they going to do next, bug the trailers and if they say mean words or get their frustration out in a safe manner still penalize them?:(
  15. 97forever

    97forever Team Owner

    Kurt will have to learn.I am a big fan of his and will admit he is rather impulsive....but 'radio-rule-breaking'???Come the $#@! on!Is NASCAR so afraid someone outside of their 'chosen-circle'will be the next big,and unexpected,superstar,that they pull this stunt?At least Kurt CAN claim youth and immaturity at 23 years old!Have there not been drivers twice his age that have pulled MUCH more stupid and dangerous tactics?Nascar is less of a 'corporate-entity'and more of a pseudo-political governing body these days.They seem to be getting off on their own 'power'too much.....sorry to vent,but in 25 years of supporting this sport,this crap just seems out of hand.At least every other sport on the planet has a real rule-book...not a 'liquid'one!
  16. pbunch

    pbunch Guest

    97 I feel for you,I am surprised Nadscar didn't add 5 more laps to race last night so they could red flag it.Boy I hope they aren't buggin my computer, they may take away my fan rights :p :crashcomp
  17. Kurts radio is for him but if you have a scanner like alot of people that go to the races do or maybe even racecast but don't have it so I am not sure if he is one of the drivers that you can listen to on racecast, you can hear everything they say. So the public can hear what he said and if he said something too derogatory or very unkind to somebody or NASCAR itself, they probalby didn't thing it was to appropriate. Thats one of the reasons Tony doesn't like giving interviews he doesn't want to have to worry about being to PC for NASCAR. paul will take your post away if he thinks it's to derogatory or inappropriate too, so I think it was appropriate to hold him because that will get his attention more than a fine would, although it may have been alittle harsh with that many laps.
  18. 97forever

    97forever Team Owner

    I respect the rules of decency as much as the next guy.I don't want MY wife and kids to hear a bunch of bad language,either.But,then,it would be my decision to turn the scanner off.When you are in the 'other mans backyard'you have to respect that as well.The radio communications are for the use of the DRIVER and CREW.Private use,really.At least in my opinion,but I could be wrong.At any rate,I don't believe NASCAR was thinking of the children in the crowd being offended,I think Kurt said some things they took PERSONALLY.And they decided to flaunt their 'power'.It is one thing to shut a man up for being obscene...it is another to stifle free expression or even frustration.
  19. maggie43

    maggie43 Guest

    Actually, from someone listening on the scanner, he threatened to run over the pit official. If that is true, the penalty seems appropriate.
  20. I cant even imagine what was coming over Tonys radio when he got hit on lap 2. I'm surprised he didnt get an extra 20 lap penalty.:grrrr: :grrrr:
  21. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    I think that is crap if it is true, the radio is for the crew and driver. not for the fans or nascar. if people listen, then they might hear things they dont want to. oh well. if nascar listens, they know people have a safe haven where they vent. its:bs: and i am not a kb fan, i just think it is absurd!!!!!
  22. gmcbreadtrk

    gmcbreadtrk Guest

    It is established law that once you broadcast something that isn't specifiaclly copyrighted, ie: conversation, anyone can listen to it. If you desire privacy in uncopyrighted broadcast conversation, it is your responsibility to scramble it. It is also legal to attempt to unscramble it.


    The 4th paragraph pretty much sums it up.
  23. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    I dont think that is the problem, i think when others are trying to regulate what you are saying when you are not advertising for them to listen to you, they may hear some things that they may consider offensive. too bad right. dont listen if you think you might hear something bad. dont poke your eye with a needle if you think it will hurt.
  24. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    Too bad for Kurt...cost him a bunch of points and a spot.
  25. racer8

    racer8 Team Owner

    Yep, too bad for Kurt, but the guy doesn't know when to shut up.
  26. peglet

    peglet Guest

    Well, I guess Jack will have to enroll him in Anger Management 101. It seems to have worked for a couple of drivers. ;)
  27. judas1

    judas1 Guest

    yeah, make him into another puppet:(
  28. rctoyguy

    rctoyguy Guest

    He apparently threatened to run over a NASCAR official and to cause a wreck taking out half of the field - he repeated these things over and over even though his crew chief was telling him to calm down and shut up. NASCAR held him until he had regained control of his emotions.

    If he had gone out and hurt someone, after NASCAR knew of his threat, you would be cussing NASCAR for NOT holding him until he had calmed down.

    It wasn't about censoring him, or flexing their muscles - it was about covering their rear-ends. Remember, this is the same guy who recently said that he spun someone out because there needed to be a caution - whether he said that as a joke or not, he did say it - on national TV.....

    Don't take this as bashing him.... It ain't.
  29. Awesome_Bill

    Awesome_Bill Guest

    Poor Kurt...he needs to grow up.

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