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Discussion in 'Short Track Racing' started by StandOnIt, Dec 16, 2018.

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    @ Gas City
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    Good one, Courtney was definitely the man on the move throughout that one. Onto Eldora for the 4 Crown Natonals. WoO and Silver Crown qualifying tonight, all three USAC national series tomorrow.
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    Phenomenal night of racing for the 4 Crown Nationals at Eldora. All three USAC classes were good, and the ASCoC were in action too.

    Tyler Courtney came from behind to win both the midget and sprint features, and was trying to sweep the night but had bad luck in the Silver Crown race which Brady Bacon won over Kevin Thomas Jr. Thomas led most of the sprint and crown races, but bobbled once in both and lost the lead. Watching these guys wrestle these cars around on a razor thin cushion is the purest oval racing there is in my mind. There is nothing better.

    Haven't seen the midget highlights posted yet. It might have been the best of all of them.
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    This also had its share of moments, USAC CRA from Arizona:

  5. StandOnIt

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    midgets at Eldora, wild and crazy as usual

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    Attended the 4-Crown Nationals both nights.

    First, it's a good thing the rain came Friday and not Saturday. Saturday they were booking it and still got done at 12:30. Friday had a 3-hour rain delay and got done at 1:15.

    Thought the USAC sprint cars put on the best show of the 5 races. Midgets like was stated above were crazy. Only 20 showed up, I wonder like with the IRP midget races of old, racing at Eldora in a midget is a "new engine, then it needs overhauled immediately" affair. Courtney was great going 2-for-2 in midgets and sprints. Ran into some trouble in the Silver Crown race.
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  7. StandOnIt

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    Dam good one to watch

    AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car Series "Fall Nationals" Lawrenceburg Speedway
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    “James McElreath Jr was set to become one of the superstars of the sport. He had won three titles in two years at Devil’s Bowl Speedway before moving up to USAC. In 1976 he was named the USAC Midget Division rookie of the Year and had scored a prestigious win at Terre Haute in the “Hulman Classic”.

    On October 17, 1977, McElreath was racing at Winchester Speedway in Indiana as part of the USAC Sprint and Midget National Tour.

    On the first lap of the race Larry Moore’s car spun across the track directly in front of McElreath’s car. Trying to avoid a multiple car pile up with Larry Rice, Tom Bigelow and other competitors, McElreath lost control of his car and crashed into a barrier and was hit by another car. The car impacted with such force that it launched the car and driver over the guard rail, flipping in the air and ended up landing in a tree over 300 feet away.

    McElreath was 23 years old. His father Jim was with him at the track that day, assisting as a mechanic on the younger McElreath’s car. “When I got to him and looked in his eyes, I knew he was gone,” the elder McElreath later said. James died a short time later at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie Indiana. The race was won by Pancho Carter.”

    The carnage in sprint car and super modified racing at that time was horrendous. The survivors still talk about that.
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    Worth a watch
    NOS Energy Drink USAC National Midget Series - Jason Leffler Memorial Highlights
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  10. StandOnIt

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    Final Midwest race, pretty scrappy
    NOS Energy Drink USAC National Midget Series Haubstadt Highlights
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  11. gnomesayin

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    The World Finals isn't the only major dirt event of the weekend. Last big (outdoor) dirt week of the year will be a good one.

  12. StandOnIt

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    Tough breaks for a couple of fast ones on night #1


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