USAC 2023

I actually fell asleep after qualifying last night in part because it took forever to complete with all the horrible crashes. I was honestly wondering if they were gonna not run the event given that they all looked sorta similar in nature (all in corner entry, all getting biked up, all flipping wildly) as though something where wrong about the surface. I love to watch racing, but watching wreckin' is not my thing between the risk of bodily harm and the fact that everything stops for 15 minutes.
It was an ugly start.

Thankfully, they found their footing as the night wore on.
Matt Westfall crushes the field.

Never got off the bottom once.
Eric Jones’ wife, Holly Shelton, in the BundyBuilt Honda # 4

Seavey is so smooth, you almost never see him get out of shape. USAC has the toughest series. 12th for Kaylee who hasn't been racing Midgets much was pretty good.
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