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Thought I would inform you all of Australia's top racing category, V8 Supercars.

As you may already have read in the Nascar forum (Thread Marcos Ambrose), V8 Supercars consist of 2 manufacturers only, Ford and Holden (General Motors). The series have 13 rounds, each round has between 1 and 3 races with 2 endurance races each year. These enduros require 2 drivers per car. The two races are held at Sandown, Melbourne and Mt. Panorama, Bathurst, NSW (Holy grail of Aussie motorsport) and last 500 km and 1000 km each respectively. The drivers swap throughout the race in pitstops which amaze you. Fuel, tyre, driver change and brake pad changes throughout the endurance races keep it close and exciting.

During normal sprint races there are usually only one compulsory pitstop for tyres. These are done within 4-5 seconds if all goes right.

The V8 Supercar's top speed during a race is 298 km/h at Conrod straight Bathurst.

Close racing, big crashes and hot headed drivers keep the fans coming in their thousands. I will try and give more information about the series as we go along and will try to supply photos of some of the series.

More info and photos

Hello again,

For those reading, I will regularly post up information about the V8 Supercars series for you to learn about it.

The series has been running for a number of decades now, originally being named the ATCC (Australian Touring Car Championship) and not only contained Ford and Holden (GM), but Jaguar, Mazda, Nissan and a few others were also a part of the series. but when the fan numbers began to drop the series reverted back to the V8s and Holden V Ford.

There are 34 cars in each race, although usually not more than 28 at the end of each race due to crashes, breakdowns, etc. The teams have certain changes they can make to a certain extent. These changes are very visible due to the speed differences whether it be straight line, corner or ascent speed.

Below are a few photos of the cars (over a few years of racing) during races and crashes:

Craig Lowndes - Roll over - Calder park - 1998 VX HRT Holden Commodore

Russell Ingall (Marcos Ambrose in the background) - 2005 BA Ford Falcon

Team Australia - Pitstop (fuel and tyres) - 2005 BA Ford Falcon

Unloading Rick Kelly's VZ Holden Commodore From the B-Double Transporter- 2005

Marcos Ambrose - Two wheels after bouncing off the shicane - 2004 BA Ford Falcon

Craig Lowndes and team celebrate after endurance race win - 2005 Sandown 500

The V8s are let loose on Mt. Panorama 2004. (Standing starts, not rolling starts)

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Will post more information and photos about the series every now and then. Any questions or comments about the series, please post them here or send me a message.

Well, been gone for a while. But will update you every now and then.

The season launch is this Saturday in Brisbane where all teams will reveal liveries (paintjobs), transporters (B-Double semis) and the new merchandise.

The first round is late march before the non-championship round at Albert Park as a support category for the Formula 1 GP.

As I said, will post up photos and news as we go along!

Well the series is under way,

The first round, Adelaide, was packed full of hits, crashes, breakdowns and spectacular passing moves. A video of one of the crashes at the infamous turn 8 is above (Jame's courtney's...)

Quite a few cars were needing a rebuild after the first race on the saturday, 2 of the teams did an all nighter to repair the damaged cars, only to have them involved in large accidents the next day.

With the Australian F1 Grand prix one week away, and the V8 SUpercars being a support category, 2 spare cars were flown down to Melbourne to replace the two destroyed ones.

Because the V8s are only a support category at the AGP, there are no points awarded, which unfortunately means the drivers aren't racing as hard as they usually would. Although there were still a few accidents and mishaps.

Currently Ford are in the championship lead. Following is the top 15 of 33 drivers/cars in the championship.

Pos Driver Name Penalty Rd1 Total
1 Jamie Whincup 0 310 310 Ford
2 Rick Kelly 0 305 305 Holden (GM)
3 Todd Kelly 0 290 290 Holden (GM)
4 Steven Richards 0 270 270 Holden (GM)
5 Garth Tander 0 270 270 Holden (GM)
6 Russell Ingall 0 250 250 Ford - Reigning Champ
7 Paul Dumbrell 0 240 240 HOlden (GM)
8 Steven Johnson 0 235 235 Ford
9 Max Wilson 0 210 210 Ford
10 Will Davison 0 195 195 Ford
11 Paul Morris 0 190 190 Holden (GM)
12 John Bowe 0 165 165 Ford
13 Warren Luff 0 165 165 Ford
14 Craig Lowndes 0 160 160 Ford
15 Paul Radisich 0 155 155 Holden (GM)
Oz V8 sex scandal!

Good 2 c Ozzie racing's finally hit the big time with it's own sex scandal. That'll show those Bulldogs. Some chick on the radio in Adelaide reckons contestants in a grid girl comp at the street race there were being paid by "the promoter" to provide some extra special hospitality services for VIP sponsors, team bosses and leading local media.
She reckons she'll name names if the right amount of cash is coughed up. Should talk to a few flaggies they know most of em already!
Last week a an Oz Larger louts mag had an article about grid girls in a 3some with a driver.
I say big deal but if anybodys got picz post em here!
I actually got 1 race on my DVR by chance, it was good racing, would like to see different cars but really thats just for asthetics...
No...no way are we going to want new manfuacturers racing in our league. Back when the V8 Supercars were named, Autstralian Touring Car Championship, we had Ford, Holden, BMW, Jaguar and nissan...it didn't work.

95% of the fans want to leave it the way it is rather than going to a 3 or 4 car manufacturer...when your Australian, your either Ford or Holden...thats it!
May it looks like either those guys are horrific drivers or they just go out looking for revenge, alot of those wrecks looked easily avoidable!
Well...its what makes our series so great I suppose! Action packed!

Excluding a majority of those incidents involving the Red #2 car and the Blue #1 car, most were accidental or a driver error. Some are even due to the weather making the track unpredictable, hard tracks and problems with cars.

I have to admit, our series wouldn't be so exciting without crashes. And most of those crashes were caused due to close racing, which we also love around here!

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