V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000

Awesome track, had it in a video game hard as hell to drive.
Can't wait to hook up the laptop to the TV and watch it on the big screen. May have to down an energy drink to stay up through the whole thing.
bucket list race for me. Saw the V8s in Texas, but I gotta make it to Bathurst someday! Love the V8s
I've heard from road racers in iRacing that it's a very challenging track to run.
I had Toca racing 3 its damned near impossible to come down the hill with walls on both sides.
Holy crap whincup ran outta fuel on the final lap! Chaz Mostert is your Bathurst 1000 winner!
I was on the edge of my seat watching last night. Happy a Ford won, but it wasn't easy or the way I expected!
My internet went out around lap 130. Devastated. I'll have to watch an upload later.

I can't believe Paul Morris has a Bathurst win.
[QUOTEI can't believe Paul Morris has a Bathurst win.][/QUOTE]

And me. But what a race. Glad its only once a year the poor old heart couldn't stand it.
CRAP, I totally missed this.Couple years ago I watched this race on Speed. It breaks my heart to see Lowndes and Whincup have problems the traitors.
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