Valerie's the world's fastest woman

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    Valerie's the world's fastest woman
    Published: Yesterday 15:41

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    • American NHRA racer Valerie Thompson has become the worlds fastest female motorcycle racer after averaging a speed of 304mph and hitting a top speed of 313mph at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials last week.

    A multiple land speed record holder already, Thompson made three mandatory licence qualification runs with two runs along an impressive measured mile average of 294mph and 304mph with a top registered speed of 313mph.

    She was riding the famous BUB Seven streamliner, which has recorded multiple world records in itself, breaking the motorcycle land speed record in 2006, 07 and 08 and then again in 2010 and 11.

    A purpose built Streamliner, the Seven is powered by a 2997cc turbocharged V4 monster of an engine that pumps out 500hp at 8500RPM with 400ftlb of torque. Which is housed in a monocoque carbon fibre, Kevlar and aluminium frame, with transmission coming from a four-speed dry clutch gearbox.

    The Bonneville Speed Trials are FIM and AMA sanctioned. Held over four days the event offers national and world speed record opportunities.

    Thompson isn’t the only one chasing a place in the history books though, with Guy Martin set to return to the salt flats next week to try and break the current 376mph record.

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