Anyone Heading up to VIR next weekend for the AMA races? I can't wait to go. Its been a while since I've been to an AMA event. Pikes Peak raceway was a total blast.
I haven't made it up there yet. Vir is a great track, a nice smooth flowing track. Gotta love turn 1. You will have to tell us about it. I am thinking about going to the Barber track for the last round this year to check it out. Yeah Pikes Peak looks pretty sweet from the TV view it has to be awsome when you are there, I know Road America is pretty kickin.
I am thinking about going to AL next month to the Barber Motorsports park too! Maybe I will see you there!
Cool, I am 90% sure I'm going, Its about a 10 hour drive for me. Its suppose to be an awsome place for sure.
I recently flew right over Barber Motorsports park at 6000 feet. Track looked awesome! Can't wait to see it at ground level!
I ended up going to VIR on Saturday............ended up being a good choice.....with all the rain and Oil on the track yesterday!

Great Facility! Very scenic and fan friendly. Parking was good and I like the track itself. Lots of variance in the terrain and lots of different turns! Most excellent place!
Did ya? I saw the saturday race replay this week. What a killer race to goto. VIR looks like a great race track to me. Where did you sit? turn 7? If you took some pics, post em up. And that 90% has just turned to 100%, I am going to Birhaming for sure.
We sat in turn 14! Going down the hill! Good seat for sure! Sorry........No Pics! Maybe I will see you at Barber Motorsports park! Off to do some riding tonight! Have a good one!
Cool, I will look for a crazy guy doin burnouts on a CBR, hehe.
That would be me! Red and silver 2000 F4 or possibly a Silver SV 650 with a Yosh full system pipe!
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