two weeks in a row that struggling teams won...........congrats to ward:D
Yeah Ward!!!! and happy for you too TN Ward Fan!

Thumbs up to the Cat team.!

Put themselves in position and capitalized when the opportunity was there. Once Kenseth had problems no one near the front could touch him.
I reckon sombody best go fetch Tn Ward Fan, he's likely out dancing on them Blue Ridges and raisin' all sorts of cane!!:D
TN Ward Fan was last seen turning cart wheels, laughing hysterically, and shouting praises to God, Ward and anyone else listening. If it weren't for the mountain I think you all would have heard him yelling. Our poor Elvis was howling. If he makes it back in the house I will let you all know.
Good to see Ward win, he needed it after the horid season he has been having after Daytona, Good job Ward.
All I got to say is

Originally posted by FANOF5
two weeks in a row that struggling teams won...........congrats to ward:D

Kyle's turn!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Ward!!!!!!
hey, this is New Hampshire, i think the lady luck has her Burton's mistaken..:)...congrats to Ward
Good Job 22 team!! Wish I could have seen the end! Had to leave before it was over. Really glad Ward won! Can't wait to see which team gets the win next week!:D
Don't mind see Ward win. That way we get to hear him interviewed. What a DrawL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fired up for Ward, thats awesome. notice they said no bad luck all day, and he wins;)
Congrats to Ward and the whole 22 team.:beerchug:
also congrats to Tn Ward fan. you have done a great job of taking the good with the bad.:beerchug:
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