WEC 2017

Life without Audi starts out better than I expected. Porsche put up a strong, strong fight for bringing their low downforce aero against Toyota's high downforce. Give them a few more months to develop their HDF for Nurburgring onwards and they should be lethal. Tandy was pretty remarkable as well. Getting Peugeot to join in 2020 is still key but at least the competition we have now is still tight.

GTE-Pro was interesting before Porsche had a car catch fire. Them versus Ferrari was entertaining. Very disappointed that Ford dominated though. They should probably work on keeping that door shut tight.

Not thrilled about LMP2 being all-ORECA but it made for pretty good racing. A lot of talent in that class too.

Very entertaining finish in GTE-Am in spite of such a low car count. Although I don't think the #98 Aston has spun enough yet...

I thought the ELMS race was pretty good too. Ligier, ORECA, and Dallara all on the LMP2 podium. Double victory for United Autosports. Cool stuff.
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