Weekend Preview



MotoGP heads to South Africa. Katos death will still be in the minds of the riders, expect some tribute to him and his family. After the opening round in Japan, Ducati has proved they are as fast as the Hondas but lack crucial good tyer wear, Honda still dominate, but might have a problem to fix concerning fuel mpg, because of rossi's trip back to the pits on the back of an Aprilla afer his rcv211 raqn out of fuel. Can the Ducatis push the honda hard enough that they run out of fuel? gotta solve that tyer problem first.

I expect Barros to be up there this time, even if he is still hurting bad, he will find a way. Ukawa will be up for a front battle also, crashing out in Japan, but watch out for this guy because last year he won on a harder tyer than rossi. Proton will still use there 2-strokes which in my mind will be an advanage on this technical, slippery track. They will give up on straightline speed, but tyre wear and cornering speed they will capalitize on. Look for both protons to be in the points.

My perdictions...

1. Tora Ukawa
2. Max Biaggi
3. V Rossi
4. Alex Barros
5. L Caporiti
6. Carlos Checka
7. N Abe
8. Colin Edwards
9. Oliver Jaque
10. Sete Gibrutau

WSB is in Sugo, Japan. A local wildcard rider,Izutsu will ride an RC51 Honda ot challenge the Ducs. A top five will be in goodreach, wheather or not he can challenge the 999's is another thing. Look out for Steve Martin, his Pirelli shod Ducati just might propell hin up there. But the question is can Xaus pull off a victory over Hodgsen. I say yes.

My Perdictions....

1. Ruben Xaus
2. Neil Hodgsen
3. Chris Walker
4. Izutsu
5. Steve Martin
6. James Toseland

Plenty of racing tghis weekend, enjoy :cheers:
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