Weekend Report



I didn't get to see the races until last night and this morning. World Superbikes at Sugo was nothing unusual. Hodgsen again romped all others. Last year he was a half knotch behind Bayliss and Edwards and another half above the rest. So without Bayliss and Edwards this guy is just riding in his own race every time, something drastic will have to happen for him not to win every race this year. Still there is very good racing, just not for the lead. The Foggy machine continues to improve all the time, The wild card riders didn't give the fits for hodgsen that I thought he was going to get.

MotoGP was another wild race for sure. Poor Aprillia, Edwards almost got smashed on the start, scary event sliding across the pack of riders, taking out McWilliams and eventually his teammate Haga. Williams on the 2 stroke could of had a top ten, being his teamate Aoki managed 12th, That would have sealed my perdiction of both 2 strokers finishing in the points. Sadly, that was probally the last time we will see a 2 stroke machine in the GP field.

Welkom is a technical course, even with 990cc 4-strokes, the 250cc class(2-strokes) were only 3 sec of the pace, the top 20 250cc riders could have qualified for the motoGP race (107% leeway). Thats amazing. And the Pole for the 125cc, was a mere sec from making the GP grid, in theory that is.

Meanwhile, up front Sete, Kato's teamate, rode a superb race. Sete said afterwords that Kato was pushing him along from above. Emotional race indeed. Once again a Ducati led, this time Bayliss for the first third of the race, Rossi chose a harder tyre and proved to be good, just came up short. Great Race.
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