Weird shout box error


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Nov 14, 2007
Poquoson, VA
Everyon once in a while (sometimes multiple once-in-a-whiles in a short period) I get a red box pop up that says an error occured, and that I don't have permissions to view the shout box. Of course everything still looks and acts normal, I just get the error
I think it happens if your login expires. I've seen it once or twice. It is annoying, hopefully I can figure out how to fix it...
You are exactly correct, at least in my case. I didn't realize the site would auto-log you out. It happens to me when I return to the site without manually logging out.

And thanks for all the work you've done here, btw.
Glad to be of service. I wish I had the time to be around more often, I used to be so good at running sites and stuff :beerbang:

Are you logging in through the normal login box, or are you logging in through Facebook? If you log in through the normal login box, the "Remember Me" checkbox should leave you logged in...
I was using the normal log in, but had opera set to erase everything when I shut my browser down. But to be honest, I never even noticed the 'remember me' option anyhow, lol. Thanks for pointing that out. :cheers:
Wow, today, it's popping up on the front page every three to five seconds. Just on the front page though.
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