What's Your Number?


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Feb 24, 2013
Nashville, TN
No, not your phone number or your PIN number....if you were to start a Sprint Cup team, what number would you run, and why? You have to pick an available number that no current Sprint Cup team is using. Let's leave "3" out of it too, since Childress still kinda owns that number even though technically it's not being used.

Mine would be 91. The reason why: that was my number years ago when I raced go-karts, I got my drivers license in 1991, the first 5k I ever ran in I was given #91... the number just always seems to come up. Plus, I can see it looking pretty cool on a race car given the right font and paint scheme.
I was # 16, 36, and 8. The 8 was a go kart. The 36 and 16 was the number of the used cars I purchased to race, repainting them and lettering them was a luxury I couldnt afford.

If I could do it again a red # 71 like the Isaac K&K colors and Donnie Bishops old red Camaros/Novas would be my scheme.
Or the #4 the car would be red, and the lettering white in both cases.
I would take #94 and the only significance to that is I was born in 1994 so I would use the last two numbers. I'm not a complicated person.
Geez people took mine, it be 94 for my first favorite racecar Bill Elliotts 94 and 91 since that's my birthyear.
3 is my fav. # but that is already taken so lets just double it and go with #33.
I don't really follow the sport any more so I have no idea if it is in currently in use, but I was #53 when I played basketball when I was younger after the great Darryl Dawkins, also known as "Chocolate Thunder". I just loved his game and the fact that he broke backboards by dunking so ferociously, of course, impressed me immensely as a youth.
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