Whelen Southern Modified Tour


Here kitty, kitty, kitty
Nov 14, 2002
Winston Salem, NC
The final race was held tonight at Charlotte Speedway on the half mile flat track on the front stretch. Three yanks were vying for the title in James Civali, Andy Suess, and LW Miller. Civali and Suess had major problems and finished way back. Miller ran second for a good portion of the race, but at the end, he faded and finished 6th. So who won the championship? Dirty South's Burt Myer led most laps and went from 4th in the points to winning the title, his first in the Southern Modified Tour. Myers and team will be leaving their garages at 8 a.m. Friday morning to travel up to Thompson Speedway for this weekends race. I'm hoping he has a great finish up there.

There were 20 cars there with one that didn't start. Don't know how the crowd was, but form the few pictures I've seen it shows a nice crowd and of course, those people got to watch cup qualifying.

So now our "official" tour is over with just a few special races left. One at North Wilkesboro the end of this month and then there will be a North/South Shootout at Concord Motorsports Park in early November. Plenty of yanks come down for that race and it's wide open. That track has a dog leg on the back stretch making it a like many of the cookie cutter mile and a half tracks. But again, the dog leg in on the back side of the track. I've heard the track es extremely hard to set up for. Makes for a fun race to watch.


Going to be a battle at Thompson this weekend, Santos only has a 41 pt lead over Stefanik, and Christopher is lurking. Probably won't go though, wife is away visiting relatives, so I have no one to go with. Looks like weather is going to be decent tomorrw afternoon right through Sunday.
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