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Oct 30, 2002
NJ to NC to FL
In our community of 366 homes, people pretty much all pull together for a common cause which is the community. Every Monday in season - in season being January to April, a group called Lazy Daze get together and do chores around the community such as trimming of hedges, pulling weeds, cleaning drainage ditches, maintaining a natural area paths, painting and general repairing of minor projects. The volunteers wear orange tee shirts and hats, and spend two hours working on different crews dedicated to individual tasks. Work starts at seven and ends at nine at which time they gather in the club house and have coffee and donuts.
Since Hurricane Ian came through, Lazy Daze crews have been working Monday, Wednesday and Fridays cleaning up, sweeping streets, stacking aluminum blown from houses, and piling fallen trees, cutting up smaller trees and helping people who are incapacitated in one way or another by removing damaged materials from their property.
Once these projects were completed, attention was given to clearing other areas on community property. One being the covers over the shuffleboard and bocce courts. These structures had been in place over twenty years and "hurricane proofed" which turned out to be mislabeled despite the anchorage as they were destroyed. Today, starting at seven-fifteen a.m., Lazy Daze started demolishing those fallen structures and piling the debris for removal.
This is what can be accomplished by volunteers in one hour and forty-five minutes including raking grassy areas and sweeping the street. .
The first photos give an idea of how large the structures were and additional photos the volunteer manpower demolishing the damaged structures and loading it on trailers for transport to a large parking lot where the county will pick it up.


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