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Which Chase do you want?

  1. Top 10 drivers

  2. Top 12 drivers

  3. Top 16 drivers

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  4. All in

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  5. Fewer than 10 drivers

  6. No Chase

  1. Zerkfitting

    Zerkfitting Team Owner

    Fans have strong opinions about the Chase so here's another pole.

    I figure any style of playoff is less meaningful with more contestants. And in any given year there are typically just a few drivers that distinguish themselves over the season. I'd go with fewer than 10 for a Chase.
  2. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

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  3. FLRacingFan

    FLRacingFan Team Owner

    No Chase. Or the 36-race Chase with 43 drivers and zero eliminations and zero resets. Whichever you prefer to call it.
  4. Johali

    Johali Team Owner Contributor

  5. Nitro Dude

    Nitro Dude Hauler Driver and Cylinder Head Maintenance

    I voted no chase.
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  6. Clutch

    Clutch Team Owner

    Its a tough one for me...but I actually quite like the chase.
    I do feel bad for a racer who leads all season but doesn't win the Cup but the rules are the same for everyone and they all know that they have to be consistant in the Chase too
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  7. SpeedPagan

    SpeedPagan The iRacing Guru

    After the debacle of last year's chase at Richmond, I'm voting NO CHASE!
  8. SlicedBread22

    SlicedBread22 #TeamJL

    I like 10 and 2 wild cards... but with more points for wins or a points system separate from the drivers not in the chase.
  9. Thegroundpounder99

    Thegroundpounder99 Bull in a China Shop

    Only Chase I'm in favor of in NASCAR has the last name Elliott.:D
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  10. mike honcho

    mike honcho Knuckleheads

    No Chase
  11. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

    The answer has always been nope.
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  12. MaxKansas

    MaxKansas Guest

    No chase simply because that forces the driver to have consistent finishes throughout the entire year. That way it doesn't allow a driver to go into "cruise control" mode until the last 10 races then dominate and win the championship (Jimmie Johnson) He would only have 3 championships without chase (2006, 2009 and 2013).

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