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Who will be the next driver to get that first Cup win?
I'm voting for Casey.:) He'd have a lot better shot at it had Ray not screwed up and kicked him out of that car. Dunno what he thought he was getting with Mayfield.:rolleyes:
Personally, I went with Blaney. He's been too close and too good too many times lately.
Lov20....come toward the light.....it's not all that bad, really.....lol
even if he is out for a while i think johnny will be the first to win out of that group
I had to vote for Casey because he has a lot of talent as a drive and already came close to winning in Miami last year. I would have voted for Johnny but I don't know how long he is going to sit out because of his ribs.
I think Ryan Newman will do it...would absolutely love to see Dave Blaney be a front runner consistantly.
I agree with Paul on this one!

Ryan will get his first (points race) Winston Cup Win
Although I like Benson I beleive that Dave Blaney will win one. He just keeps getting caught up in someones mess.
I look for Blaney he is putting himself in the right place,up front.:)
I agree with paul, Ryan Newman looks like the best bet at being the next driver to get there first win, he is in a good ride and has a good team.
I voted for Blaney.I think he is a better driver than his equipment has shown.But if I had to bet,I would say Newman will win first...or maybe even Greg Biffle next year.
Casey Atwood would have been the best choice there had they not moved him to that #7 car. Why Evernham didn't let Atwood gel with that #19 team and announced he wouldn't be in the car just as they were having great runs, I'll never understand.
This week will be good for Blaney to get his win. The 77 car ran strong in last years race with Robert Pressly(sp), and so did Blaney.
Well god dang it johnny was injured again and out for somemore time so i guess it is going to be a long shotfor him to win this year now but he still might , but i say that Blaney might have a good shot is winninh a race soon. has the Jasper team ever won a race i don't theink they have but not 100% sure?
Blaney, I wish he could get a good ride. Maybe take over for Rudd when he retires.
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