Why take away points?



The answer has been given many itmes, but Todd Berrier, crew chief of the #30 RCR Monte Carlo states it plainly again:

(Do you feel more pressure because of NASCAR's increased penalties?) "I think we all feel more pressure because of that. When it was a money thing, the money didn't really matter. Hey, if we won the race this weekend at Loudon and they wanted to take the win, it would still go down in the books that we won the race. So you really didn't worry about that. They were going to have to do something like this - take away points or even throw you out - they have to make a stand on it for it to make a difference in the way we do things. Before that, so what if you got a $50,000 fine? You don't want it. But if that's what it takes to win a race or run good, and that's all they're going to do then you've got to look at it on the competition side of it. If you can pay 50 grand to win a race, then that's what you've got to do. They had to take a stronger stance on it. Now, everybody is taking more note to it and saying we'd better not get ourselves busted. We're all looking at it a lot harder."
It's still subjective. Fail post race inspection and get dq'd.

Keep it simple and make it across the board. NASCAR does not need another Champ that ain't a champ (Mark Martin) because the officials are manipulating the points.
71 fan, I forget, didn't Martin lose points (that probably cost him the championship) for using an unapproved manifold or something like that? Please clarify. And yes it is still somewhat subjective in so far as the penality isn't set in stone. The rules are not, cars have to be a certain height, plain and simple.
Problem is Nascar approved it before the race,nothing changed like heights.:bs: Thats all
Approved the part in pre-race inspection? If that was the case then there shouldn't have been a penalty.
I am almost sure that was the way it went down.I don't know all the details,but really it don't make a bit of damn differance now.Its one those racing things I guess.Maybe he can get it this year.
he has a good shot. dont think in ther past that the officials manipulated the points either, its not like it happened in hte last race:satisfied
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