Wild ride at Pomona for Force

Boomer number 3 for Force. Think it's maybe time for a new tuning strategy?

Mark Rebilas said:
At the start of the second round of funny car qualifying I was on the starting line shooting but an oildown a few pairs in gave me time to second guess being on the starting line so I hustled to my car and went to the top end where on the first pair of cars after getting in position John Force would explode the engine of his Peak Auto sponsored Chevrolet chattering the Camaro body in a million pieces for the third consecutive race during qualifying for the NHRA Gatornationals at Gainesville Raceway. Force would be uninjured in the 300mph funny car puzzle.

And today, Hight and Hagan side by side.

What's going on with these detonations?
Bad tuning? Bad parts? Something's wrong.

@Nitro Dude might know more on this, but i think there is a general braintrust pointing directly at the new rev limiter rule....

Mark Rebilas said:
Hight but with Matt Hagan out front I was going to have to switch to him because of the heat waves that would soon wash out Hights car. I got lucky in that I got a good shot of Hight at moment of detonation but as I shot that my camera was already panning over to Hagan as he was exploding. By the next frame my brain had registered Hights explosion so I went back to Hight and pretty much missed both. Ugh.#striveforperfection #toomuchlensproblems

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