Will Honda have competition in MotoGP?



With Mad Max Biaggi pulling into a honda from the slipping yamaha's that might net even be in GP next year, will there be a rise of power from another brand? Well suzuki certainally is stepped up from eariler this year but still behind. Then you got 3 new factors arising for 2003. Ducati, Kawasaki, and MZ. All three claim a power rating of 220hp at different revs. Ducati is in the high 16000's and MZ claims 17200rpm's. It's going to be interesting to see.

Here is a look at them:)

The Kawasaki


The Ducati


The MZ


and there is a rumor of BMW with a GP bike...
I hope Honda takes it all next year. I have always been impressed with Honda workmanship and quality!

Seeing BMW next year would be nice too! I am sure they will have a very high rev engine that I would die to ride!

Its amazing how many revs the bike manufacturers can get out of their engines!

My bike sounds like it is going to outer space at 13,000 RPM. I can hardly imagine getting up to the 16,000 RPM range!
Originally posted by tonystewart1

My bike sounds like it is going to outer space at 13,000 RPM.  I can hardly imagine getting up to the 16,000 RPM range!

lol, I know what you mean, I am used to v-twins and when I ride someones japaneese bike with 4 cylinders I keep wnating to shift down a gear, hehe. I also think that at them high rmps I am glad rods usally blow out to the ground rather than up because up would be really bad.:)

I know there isn't the money going into these bikes like the f1 engines but if an F1 3liter v-10 can get that high I am sure a 990cc bike can. I can't find a lotta info on the honda on what it revs, but its clear that its the best, thats for sure. Probally someday they will hit 20,000 I would imagine, I know there is a limit, but it makes a person wonder, If they can hit 17 then they can evenually get 18 and so on. There was a discussion same way wit hte Nascar engines hitting 10000, The limit on those is the pushrods so I don't think they can go much more than that and still finish a 500mile race, the bike engines are top tech and built to rev and shorter races. Sometimes I am wrong but that is what I think
I believe that most of the 2003 600 CC sport bikes top out at around 16,000 revs. My 2000 F4 tops out at 13,500. Unreal !!!! I'm looking forward to riding a V Twin. I think I may go to the harley dealership and test ride the SB9R just so I can see what the V Twin experience is like!

While I'm at it I may try the V Rod too. Just to say that I have ridden one!!!!!

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