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Larry Mac made reference to this bonus last night and brought up a point I had not considered. Assuming his statement was correct.

The leader bonus is awarded to the winner at each race, provided he is also the WC points leader. If uncollected, $10,000 is added to the total nad the prize moves on to the next event. Currently the total is $140,000. If Sterling wins tomorrows race he collects the money obviously. Larry's comment was that JJ, who was on the show, could win the money as well.

So if this is true then MM, JJ, JG, TS, and RW all have a shot. Given the right circumstances any of these drivers could win the race today and gain enough points on Sterling to be the points leader.

Anyone know for sure if the winner must be points leader prior to the race?? I had always assumed that to be the case, but it was entirely an assumption and we all know what happens when we assume.
cheeze HS, I would have gone to YOU with this ??

I bet Stridesberry knows.
I would think it's the leader going in but really have no idea.
i would think that it would be the leader in the points after the race!! If the person leaves the track as the race winner and the points leader!
Another subject of Nascar left surprise?
Originally posted by Awesome_Bill
Another subject of Nascar left surprise?

Certainly doesn't surprise me. I think it would earn somebody a t-shirt or something from "Ask Benny" tho.
It's if the winner of the race also leaves leading the points. Doesn't matter if they were leading coming in or not.
'Preciate the feedback.

In that case, based on a down and dirty look at the numbers.

If MM wins and Sterling finshes worse than 10th, new leader.

If JJ wins and Sterling finshes worse than 22nd, new leader

If JG wins and Sterling finshes worse than 25th, new leader

TS cannot assume the points lead in this race.

By down and dirty I mean all possible bonus point scenarios may not be taken into account.
I'm pretty sure that the winner can still get the Leader Bonus if they take over the points lead in the process. I don't remember the exact instance, but I do recall a race where a driver won, and got the bonus money because they took over the points lead.
I could swear that one year at talladega the winner also took over the points lead and won the bonus. I believe it was Gordon.
Found the ruling for the record and dug up a little info on the award.

The Winston Cup Leader Bonus is given to the driver who wins a race and leads the Cup points standings at the conclusion of the day. This leader bonus begins at $10,000 and goes up by that same amount until it is won.

Two drivers collected the Winston Cup leader bonus a total of eight times last season. Dale Jarrett won four times for a total of $130,000. 2001 Winston Cup champion Jeff Gordon also won the bonus four times, taking home $150,000.

Gordon has won $974,030 in the NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus program, more than any other driver.

The award was established and is funded by R J Reynolds. Any moneys not claimed at the end of the season are divided among the top ten drivers in the final points standing. Last season the unclaimed bonus was $80,000.
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