WoO coming to Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Modifieds' started by foehammer111, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. foehammer111

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    THQ today announced that they are making a World of Outlaws game for the Xbox 360. Players can race against drivers like Donny Schatz, Steve Kinser, Jason Meyers and Joey Saldana as well as take on other players via Xbox Live. Tracks featured in the game will include The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Lernerville Speedway, Eldora Speedway, Knoxville Speedway, Williams Grove Speedway, and others.

    World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars will be released just in time for the start of the WoO season in February.

  2. AndyMarquisLive

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    And it's not coming out for the Wii.... ****in' imagine that :mad:
  3. foehammer111

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    Unfortunately, a lot of developers feel that the Wii is an inferior system. But Codemasters did just release Formula 1 2009 on the Wii and PSP. It got decent reviews.
  4. AndyMarquisLive

    AndyMarquisLive Short Track Fanatic

    How many years were the 360 and PS3 sold out? :rolleyes:

    Yeah, the graphics aren't as good but I prefer the Wii because it's more realistic and more active. Not just sitting down and pushing a bunch of buttons uselessly. :rolleyes:

    The only thing developers are doing is screwing themselves out of money.
  5. foehammer111

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    The Wii has sold more units than the 360 and PS3, but no one is buying games for it. That's part of the problem. Developers know that the average Wii player isn't going to be interested in certain games. That's why the Wii has become home to things like fitness games, and seen a major drop in interest. It appeals to the casual "non-gamer". In automotive terms, the Wii is like the PT Cruiser or the New Beetle. It's a trendy car, and now that everyone who wants one purchased it, sales have all but stopped.

    Also, if you're interested in motion controls both the PS3 and 360 have those coming out. Microsoft's "Project Natal" is a camera for the 360 that maps full body controls. It's due out in time for the 2010 holiday shopping season.

    Here's the tech demo:

    These motion controls are a nice alternative, but eventually they're going to have to face the fact that most people play video games to relax. Much the same way that people watch TV to relax. No one comes home from work and wants to wave their arms around like an air traffic controller that's being attacked by a swarm of bees.
  6. SpeedPagan

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    Will this come out on PC also?
  7. AndyMarquisLive

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    I'm one of those non-gamers. These stupid ass controllers with 150 buttons do nothing but confuse me.
  8. foehammer111

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    No other systems were announced other than the Xbox 360, so I doubt it. I'm pretty sure there are PC sims that have WoO mods for them.

    Andy could probably tell you more.

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