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Oct 18, 2005
Ft Worth Tx
Finished 10th at watkins Glen! Ran a 75 minute race that started at 22:00, pitted at Lap 30 to replace the splitter and top off the tank (tire wear at 30%), then ran to the 20 minute remaining mark and came in for a 4 tires only stop (Tire wear at 42%). Came out after the second stop in 10th place, and made it all the way up to 5th place before terminally wrecking with 4 laps left. So I got credited with 10th place out of 24, 4 laps down. I Qualified 5th. Had aggression on real and abilities set to 97%. Spun out 3 times before the first pit stop, forwent tire change for aero repairs, then came back in for a tire only around same time as AI. I threw the first pit stop away right off the bat, overshot my pit, then forgot to shut the engine off so the car could be fueled. It was a 38 second stop that should have been closer to 32. I seriously thought about not making the second stop, but i wasnt sure what the tire drop off was or how much more rubber i'd burned off. I coulda made it on the one set for the whole race, but there wouldn't had been much for car control with 30 or 40% of the tread left at the end of the race (had i not stopped). My average lap pick-up was about .8 seconds or so per lap...mostly made up in the braking zones and looking more like robby gordon, flying through the inner loop. Qualifying time was a 1:09.2 and best race lap was a 1:10 something. AI's laps were in the 1:07's.

I won a 20 minute race the other night by a wide margin, but had AI abilities down low so i turned them up and made pit stops be a factor. and I ran a 6 hour race on the daytona RC but i don't remember where i finished, that was several months ago.
I logged 25 laps at montreal during the busch race. Finally dialed in a decent setup, not sure i'd physically and mentally be able to run a full 3 hour race. Just those 25 laps wore me out, working the braking zones and 180% force feedback. Plus i'm only getting 20-28 frames per second with graphics set to low. Best lap in practice was a 1:39.40 while chasing down a murcielago, average lap was around1:40 or 1:41. Busch cars were running at 1:42 they said on TV.

got some video of a couple good passes though.
Finished 4th out of 10 in a 45 minute race at montreal, had to keep the field short to keep frame rates at a playable speed, it's a challenging track that keeps the driver busy, that's for sure. Coulda finished third but there was a laundry list of reasons i didn't. Some technical, some from being off on a piece of setup, some from being too aggressive.
Well, ran a 2 hour race in the C5R, used hard compound tires and NEVER changed tires...it got to feeling like ice, the team gave a worn tires warning over the radio with 15 minutes to go, i ran it out and finished the race. I qualified 14th with a 1:39 and change, pole was in the 34's or 35's. Had AI set to 95%.

I think it's time i moved on, xfire says 10 hours and I believe it, all at montreal. Not to mention my lap count....

off to nascar sim racing at pocono, then maybe run a little of GTL so it don't feel abandoned, then off to watkins glen all next weekend.

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