Xfinity Championship RACE thread

Got me a band new Lazboy today and I am breaking it in during tonights race to ensure I will be ready for tommorows race. I have been a power rocker all my life and even rock a little behind the desk when typing on a keyboard.

The previous rocker just squeaked to much and got on the wifes nerves which in the end would screw up my rhythm and race concentration. This chair isnt fancy or large, it was purchased specifically for rocking and I wont use the recliner fearure that much.

It is smooth and quite and has a great race feel. I am ready for the cup race tommorow.
“You can absolutely make it on fuel!” I mean, unless we have 5 overtime’s…

I would want at least a half a tank to get through the overtimes, hell maybe even take on four new tires during the first GWCer caution unless you are in the lead. There will be lots of restarts to make it work out.
Why do these guys do this in pivotal moments. I guess the fact that it's Hemric shouldn't surprise me
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