Xfinity Championship RACE thread

Always a chance for a caution with the sauce still out there.
My goodness. If Hamlin feels bad about never winning a title, just look at Allgaier. Every year there's just someone a smidge better. Rough
Gotta admit, that finish was kinda fun !
Way to go Custer and team. Stewart Haas
needed some good news
That was a badass restart by Cole. I knew taking the high side was risky, & it almost cost him. That's why you never give up, unbelievable.
Allgaier’s commentary summed it up.

Custer had the best car tonight, as he has had all season. JHN had the opportunity and blew it. Allgaier did everything right at the end and got screwed as usual.
One hell of a Championship race

WTF was that #10 Chevy doing up front on the final restart? Plugged up the money restart. So embarrassing to see as a Nascar fan.
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