Xfinity RACE thread --- Atlanta

Austin is having himself a year. RCR on point in both series

Great effort by Kligerman had to go for the W there, if Hemric hadn't had a nose on him he might have got it off Hill's door.
Hemric was gonna junk him whether he did or not. Dirty move

Watched it back a couple times, and I think Hemric went up to help push Kligerman past Hill and just misjudged it wasn’t clear which got the 48 sideways, then ended up wiping him out getting back onto the track when they touched again, looked bad but not intentional imo.

Well Justin in the 3 races at Atlanta since the changes, he has a 34th, a 7th and a 29th. He has led zero laps. In the previous 3 races on the old configuration he has a 7th, a 1st and a 6th and led 58 laps so I think he has a personal dislike which is understandable.
Do they have transponder loop there too, or use line only for photo finish?
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