Xfinity RACE thread --- Atlanta

They need to update the fuel numbers in the graphics for these races. “68-72 laps” always means 75-78 in reality. Guess it’s easier to build fuel mileage hype.

I cannot wait to see how Amazon implements AWS for things like calculating fuel mileage or tire wear.
Joey and Brad are playing with the toys in the booth with 15 to go, they’re bored too

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To be fair the Cup races have been pretty good; Truck and Xfinity have been awful

Again, I don't remember...but according to us experts, a quick revisit to the previous two years of race rating threads don't support that claim. But really, there's no way tomorrow is worse than this race has been.
I hope tomorrow we get a caution in the middle of a cycle trapping half the field 2 down just to prove this track is a huge $h1+hole.
I have been watching him for awhile. I have no doubts.
To be fair, honestly. Everything up til now is hard to go off of. He far and away had the best equipment.

Xfinity is his chance to prove himself, and he’s doing a pretty good job of doing that now. But, I really feel we can’t go off much of the stuff before this, respectfully
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