Xfinity RACE thread --- Daytona

SVG ran over Jeb Burton again.

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SVG wrecked him twice lol

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Just a feeling
These drivers take these plate races too seriously sometimes. Whoever qualifies good & runs up front for the majority should be getting more respect and drivers staying in their lane.
44 tried to blow over and set back down
Austin Hill is pretty good at this stuff though.

Too bad Jordan got out so far ahead on the restart, really good results for that team nonetheless
SVG drove back from p20 to p12 during that last run. Good for him.

Good for Hill. Don't like that guy though.

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We talk about dumb blocking, but Jordan Anderson made absolutely no attempt to keep the lead.
Just had too big of a lead, couldn’t really throw a block without probably wrecking himself and everyone behind with such a big closing rate.
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