Xfinity RACE thread --- Phoenix

Engines fired for the Xfinity race. Stages 45-45-110,
4 sets,
fuel 88-94 laps .
. to the rear: Creed, Honeyman, Emerling, Smithley, Vargas .... on FS1.
SVG is only a few spots behind Dinger in the same equipment. He’s gonna be just fine over here.
I'd like to see them make a tire strategy move and go 2 but with the fall off it might be too much to overcome. But if you are gonna do it now's the time
Even though Austin Hill has a win I believe Love is the best car at RCR at this time. If he can continue this pace he will win one of these pretty soon.
We don’t need to be able to see the color of the drivers’ eyes while they battle for the lead. Zoom out!
Nobody has a more punchable face IMO than chandler smith

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