Yall are sooo mean!



I get on here and yall don't talk to me guess I'm going to have to get off of here.

I'll talk to ya. :)

Did you folks know we have an off topic board for regular chit chat and stuff? Not that you can't talk in here, but maybe some folks are hanging out in there...

Click the "Home" button up top and check out "The Chrome Horn". :)
Ill talk to you Im alittle slow you know!!! LOL
Were mean!!! Youre mean you still havent responded to me!!!LOL
Im just tryin to keep up with you!!! Im about tired now!!! lol!
well fien then yall can be mean cuz i a ignoring yall now!
You can be in this too. Just type on whatever as soon as the other person writes something and be jumping all around
LOL!! Heck yall type faster than me!!! LOL!!! Im not better, yall have the cuter faces!!
Im tryin but im like doin 500 hundren other thangs too!!!LOL!! Hey Erica have you and Daisy ever meet?? Well, Ill be the good friend that I am and introude yall to each other if not!!! OKAY??
I promise this time lol!! Ill have to since I gotta introduce yall!! LOL!!
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