Yeah for Nadeau!



Very to happy to hear that Nadeau has landed the 44 ride for the rest of the season. With Petty Enterprises back on the rise, and after his awesome showing at Sonoma, it can only be good. Way to go PE and Nadeau! Watch out at Watkins Glen (unless they change the name during Happy Hour :p )
Glad that PEI took notice of His run at Infineon Raceway(Sears Point),just wish that rear-end gear had held together for 2+ laps,wud have made a heck of a story,IMO!Jerry also led 37 laps last week in the #10 Valvoline Pontiac!He can run up front,just seems He doesn't get too many finishes that show how well He does run during a lot of races!Hope this bodes well 4 Him finding a full-time ride in 2003 season as well,since the PEI deal with Jerry is just 4 rest of this year.
I believe that this was mentioned when he drove at Sonoma. They said steve may be leaving as soon as Daytona, which he didnt. The official announcement came recently. Go Jerry
i am happy for jerry................. he will see what it is like to drive in a REAL car, not a junky Hendricks car......................
The car has barely been making races and ya'll are happy for the 44's next victum?
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