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    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    Hey Bobby......... I see in the picture what appears to be a Snap-On IM32 butterfly impact. Those are amazing tools. I have had 8 of them over the last 35 years. Still have 4 in operating condition. Just bought 2 more off E-bay a couple months ago.
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    Joey Logano

    Yeah.... Fall Charlotte race. They had the lugs off all 4 tires. When the jack dropped on the right side, Earnhardt nailed the gas. The left sides fell off before turn 1. They let Chocolate Myers and another crewman take a jack, 4 way lug wrench and tires down there. Car should have been loaded...
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    Pretty well certain the soccer stadium will take precedent over the fairgrounds and speedway. At the expense of the speedway. The speedway has been a red headed stepchild to the fair board and city for a very long while.
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    Spoiler change for super speedway cars

    I was wondering when someone would notice that Nascar couldn't reduce fractions. ;)
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    Rate The Cup Race: Michigan I

    Solid 8. Really good racing for Michigan.
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    RACE thread --- The All Star

    Even 1 of the announcers said he should have blocked...... until they showed the replay. He had to admit he was wrong.
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    RACE thread --- The All Star

    It is pretty apparent that no matter what Nascar does ......... you are never going to be happy.
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    RACE thread --- The All Star

    Lot of gutsy moves on that final restart.........
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    2018 Charlotte - All Star - Pre-Race Thread

    I'm more of a car guy. I hated when they went from Big Blocks to Small blocks.
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    2018 Charlotte - All Star - Pre-Race Thread

    As was mentioned....... whatever it takes to keep the same V8's we have. The bumblebee sound we had with the V6's in Busch years ago was nauseating.
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    RACE thread --- The Open

    I am in total amazement that anyone could not have enjoyed the racing today much more than what we have seen the last few years. I don't care if they run plates, all season tires and mudflaps if it makes racing like we just witnessed.
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    Rate The All Star Races: Charlotte

    Gotta give it a 10.
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    Ford Resurgence

    :waver: I do!!!!!! I do!!!!!!!
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    This might have been done before

    Exactly........ our state income tax seems awfully high.
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